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Cole Hieb-Hedger /  @TheRailz
I'm a multi-media content creator, cartoonist, illustrator, and writer.
As both a writer and artist I'm currently developing an original comic series while also producing various comic strips and illustrations for the internet. I’m also co-writing a sci-fantasy novel series with long time friend Julian Noel / @VertigoMaster.
I have a long history with video creation from writing, production and editing, as well as being a regular on-screen talent. I formerly produced content for channels Forced Reset (241,005 views) and Lazer Duck Productions (4,057,816 views) on YouTube, along with my own personal channel (101,427 views). I occasionally appear on the "One More Podcast" Podcast on youtube to discuss or review things. I was AD and producer on the short film Into the Water. I was producer and actor in the mini-series Tales of a Junktown Ranger.
I have attended a number of art, illustration, and motion graphic classes at Austin Community College with high marks and commendations on creativity. I have also taken numerous (9+) courses from Comics Experience and Schoolism online.
I spend my free time working on stories, doodling to relax from drawing, and drawing pin-ups and fan art for those sweet likes 'n' shares while taking the occasional commission. I watch a lot of movies and read a lot of wikipedia.
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