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Cole Hieb-Hedger /  @TheRailz
I'm a multi-media content creator, cartoonist, illustrator, and writer.
As both a writer and artist I'm currently developing an original comic series while also producing various comic strips and illustrations for the internet. I’m also co-writing a graphic novel with long time friend Julian Noel / @VertigoMaster
I have a long history with video creation from writing, production and editing, formerly producing content for channels Forced Reset (241,005 views) and Lazer Duck Productions (4,057,816 views) on YouTube, along with my own personal channel (101,427 views), as well as acting as a soundboard for various friends who produce their own content. I occasionally appear on the "One More Podcast" Podcast on youtube.
I have attended a number of art, illustration, and motion graphic classes at Austin Community College with high marks and commendations on creativity. I have also taken numerous courses from Comics Experience and Schoolism online, including Intro and Advanced Comic Writing, Comic Art, Coloring, Anatomy, Character Design and Storyboarding. 
I spend my free time writing pages upon pages of story notes, doodling to relax from drawing, and drawing pin-ups and fan art for those sweet likes 'n' shares while taking the occasional commission.
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